Ang Da Pazhou Apartment
20 Aug | 3:00 PM - 23 Aug | 11:00 AM
Duration: 2.9 nights

Ang Da Pazhou Apartment

6.2 (9 reviews)
Block 18A PaZhou Commercial Plaza, Guangzhou, CN
6.2 (9 reviews)

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Currency Exchange
Non Smoking
Gift Shop
Room Service
Disable Friendly

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6.2 (9 reviews)

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  • - Guests must check-out no later than the specified check-out time to avoid additional charges.
  • - MUST be age 21 or older to book, unless hotel state differently.
  • - NO SMOKING allowed; penalties will apply according to hotel policy.
  • - Some facility fees might apply to certain hotels.
  • - Photo ID and a credit card will be required at check-in.
  • - Some hotels might require a credit card "hold" for incidentals during the check-in
Duration: 2.9 nights
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Ang Da Pazhou Apartment Block 18A PaZhou Commercial Plaza, Guangzhou, CN