Travel + Leisure

A typical hotel stay has you checking in around 3 p.m. and checking out by noon.
This new last-minute-travel app is looking to upend that tradition by
giving guests more flexibility to choose when they arrive and depart. MORE

The Points Guy

We spent some time playing around with the new app and found it was super
easy to use — it also seemed to have an edge over regular booking sites in
terms of pricing.. MORE


As You Stay is a mobile app that allows travelers to book a hotel room for a
few hours (between one and 23) at a fraction of the rate they would pay for a
full day. With participating hotels, it even allows guests to stay outside the
limits of standard check-in and check-out times. MORE


As You Stay currently works with several name brand hotels in a dozen major
American cities. Ideally, you can craft your perfect hotel time within the
context of your time in the city. MORE

Life Hacker

iOS/Android: Most hotels have standard check-in and check-out times. These
hours can be frustrating to work around if you’re on a red-eye and you get to
a city really early. As You Stay is a free app that works with hotels so that you
can book for hours at a time. MORE


Want to rent a hotel room for less than 24 hours and not have to pay the full
night’s stay price? Check out As You Stay. MORE